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Senior Real Estate Specialists

Professional Residential Brokerage, LLC cares about senior wellbeing no matter the circumstance. Whether an empty nester, widow or widower, moving to assisted living, or retired, both real estate agents, James and Denise, are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. As Senior Real Estate Specialists, James and Denise will listen to individual needs and offer strategic solutions. Working together with the Orrico’s fosters growth, not only when buying or selling a home, but through continuously shared resources that are given to all senior clients.

Mission Statement

James and Denise Orrico are both certified as Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and share a mutual desire in delivering ethical and honest services to all seniors in need. The Orrico’s show commitment for their senior clients through empathy, accountability, and integrity. With these core values, the Orrico’s make buying or selling a home with less stress and more success.


James and Denise recognize the uniqueness of each individual, which is why the needs of each client are tailored accordingly. As Senior Real Estate Specialists, time is dedicated to each client to make certain the process of selling or buying a house is understandable and without hassle. The Orrico’s are fully committed to enhancing the real estate process for all seniors in order to promote a positive new chapter in life.


James and Denise Orrico are both owners of Professional Residential Brokerage, LLC and took the initiative to improve oneself by becoming SRES certified. Not only did the Orrico’s want to further their designation, they have a genuine interest in assisting seniors. The heart of the matter for pursuing assisting seniors was both James and Denise working together timelessly with James’ father. Side by side, James and Denise went above and beyond to ensure James’ father had a comfortable lifestyle and had an endless supply of support. The Orrico’s believe in addressing the needs and interests of all seniors, just like James’ father. James and Denise are real estate agents with admirable values. Seniors, or those who assist seniors, will be floored with the personal and quality service Professional Residential Brokerage, LLC gives.


Professional Residential Brokerage, LLC is recognized for their efforts to remain connected to their surrounding community, especially regarding senior issues. James and Denise have been strengthening their relationship with senior agencies to better assist their clients long after real estate transactions are closed. Taking the time to listen and understand what clients need creates less stress and more success.

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Personal Experience

James and Denise Orrico wanted to give an exceptional lifestyle for James’ parents. Together, the Orrico’s worked hand-in-hand to learn everything they could about senior living so they could ensure both James’ parents enjoyed their lives as seniors. The Orrico’s are appreciative to have been given the opportunity to care for their parents full-time. It was because of their personal experiences and their persistent pursuit towards understanding senior-care that they gained a great passion for helping all seniors have the best experience with getting the exceptional quality of life they deserve.

James and Denise are certified “Senior Real Estate Specialists” with over 15 years of experience in providing assistance to seniors. Professional Residential Brokerage knows what it takes to care for and help seniors after having learned to perfect the art of compassion and empathy firsthand while providing in-home healthcare for James’ elderly parents. Over time they learned what it takes to care for the elderly and developed their skills to help make seniors happy and content. Since Jim’s parents have passed, the Orricos continue to use the knowledge and compassion they gained to help seniors. James says, “Nothing is more gratifying than putting a smile on a senior.” The fact that their services help seniors feel loved and cared for fuels the Orrico’s passion and lets them know they are doing the world some good.

Professional Residential Brokerage understands that it can be a complicated and painful process to transition into alternative housing, especially when you or your loved one may have lived in the home for several decades. The Orricos are expert senior real estate agents that can guide and counsel you through this challenge and make sure you are well informed and comfortable with every decision. Their goal is to make sure the selling process goes as smooth as possible and with their years of experience, you can bet the Orricos and Professional Residential Brokerage will get the job done and have a happy client when the process is complete. James and Denise are here to help you with the same love and compassion they show all their clients as they treat every client as an individual with individual needs.

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