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REO Properties

Professional Residential Brokerage, LLC is an industry leader in listing and selling residential foreclosed REO properties. The team has completed thousands of BPOs and sold hundreds of REO properties, Auction, and Short Sale properties.

The Orrico team are fully versed and proficient in all aspects of Real Estate Owned property disposition and management. The Orrico team guarantees exceptional performance and will provide extraordinary service to all clients. Their priority is to see foreclosed REO properties become owner occupied homes.

Average REO Property Disposition Time 60 Days
Guaranteed 24 Hour or Less Occupancy Verification
Guaranteed 48 Hour or Less Broker Price Opinion

Synopsis of REO Process

  • Complete Initial property evaluation assessment with complete photo package.

  • Provide quality BPO with photos within 48 hours.

  • Effectively market asset to sell it quickly.

  • Order and maintain utilities and ongoing maintenance.

  • Provide ongoing property inspections until the asset is closed.

  • Provide monthly market updates.

  • Negotiate and Participate in Cash for Keys Program.

  • Secure and handle re-keying of the asset.

  • Coordinate and Participate in Eviction Process.

  • Obtain competitive estimates/bids for repairs.

  • Coordinate trash outs, sales-cleans, management and post inspections.

  • Coordinate property renovation services.

  • Provide tax, HOA, and code violation and utility information.

  • Offer complete property management, without cost.

  • Pay invoices/handle bookkeeping/notarize documents.

  • Work with clients on auctions and other marketing campaigns.

  • Work with the closing agent to ensure a timely and successful closing.

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