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Jamin Raadsen

Jamin Raadsen is a dedicated realtor who specializes in loss mitigation along with experience in mortgage lending, home redemption loan modification programs, and credit repair. Present responsibilities include short sale listings, lender BPOs, home inspection, and distressed property home ownership counseling.

In the past, Jamin has been a successful loan officer and mortgage manager in the Chicagoland area. Jamin is eager to share his wealth of expertise and will work side-by-side with homeowners and lender-investors to accomplish a positive outcome and memorable outcome. In addition, Jamin was a past President and owner of one of Chicago’s premier credit enhancement agencies, National Credit Enhancement Services, INC.

Other than working diligently to ensure satisfaction to his client-base, Jamin stays true to his morals and behind the meaning of family. His spare time is usually spent at his family gatherings and conversing with his mom. “No amount of money of success can take the place of time spent with your family.”

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